Participatory game

Help build a game of 7 families.

Each “family” is one of the 7 places participating in the Go Green project: Musée de la Fondation Coubertin, Maison-Musée Devos, Le Lieu, espace de résidences et de création, Maison Triolet/Aragon, Centre d’art La Chapelle de Clairefontaine, Maison Jean Monnet, Maison Louis Carré.

And each “family member” is a visible facet of the site which are: doors and windows, roof, walls, garden, surroundings, materials or unusual views.

If you have visited one of these sites, check your photos and your memories (if you live opposite, look out of your window!), and send us images illustrating one or other of the facets.

In addition, you can also express in a few words the impression that the place has left on you.

Finally, the last proposal is to give an account of the sound environment of the place either by recording it or by briefly describing the feeling you had.

Distribution of contributions

The PNR will publish the most significant contributions on its website. The artistic team will also do so on its blog and the 7 venues will publish the results.

To participate, please connect here.

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The project blog.