My visit to the Maison Louis Carré
Amateur photographer, passionate about contemporary architecture and writing, I knew the Maison Louis Carré, designed by Alvar Aalto. I was able to return there as part of a cultural project initiated by the Regional Natural Park of the Haute Vallée de Chevreuse. On the occasion of this return, I was curious to take a fresh look at the house. Following my exploration, I wrote a text in the form of an ABC, which is online on the dedicated cultural blog:

My approach
Stop. Linger. Literally walk into the object, into the place, to see what you don’t see at first glance. Find a line, a curve, an angle, a perspective, a shadow, a luminosity, a color, a volume. Adjust the framing. Take a picture with clarity and sobriety. Short, minimalist, graphic, sometimes, abstract. In any case, as easy to decipher as possible. Respect the work of the designer, while nourishing the deep desire to sublimate it with my shot. If the architect was there, I would like him to welcome my vision of his creation with kindness. As for the viewer, the visitor, the passer-by, I wish they were surprised to see what they did not see. I have the hope that he questions his own view of his surroundings.

All my photos are taken on iPhone XS, without editing.

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