Exhibition of light works

25 September – 27 November 2022

The sliding of light takes place from the outside towards the inside and vice versa. This shift causes the curve of the ceiling in the entrance hall to move towards the living room in a brilliant wave that slopes towards the floor. Day and night, the spaces of the house are invented differently in several in situ installations creating new densities and a dematerialization at the limits, on the bay windows, as well as within the rooms in an escape of bearings. At the same time, the chromatic and luminous reflections of the works (light and glass sculptures, photographs and other mediums) act on the objects, the spaces, the in-betweens and renew their organic and sensitive sensations, like an entry into the future.

The monumental carpet ‘Mirage’, made by the Manufacture nationale de la Savonnerie in Lodève, based on the work of Nathalie Junod Ponsard commissioned by the Mobilier national, is presented to the public for the first time.

With the complicity of the Galerie Baudoin Lebon and the support of the Finnish Embassy and Hiscox.